Three methods to efficiently push your students’ level higher and faster.

 1. Demonstration. No one likes to look bad on stage or in front of people. When they realised they’ll have to perform they will put more time and effort in practice so they can look better. Thus, more effort, more practice, better outcome.
Side effect, able to overcome the stage fright, become more confidence.
2. Examination. No one likes to fail exams. And usually exams will test out students  everything they’ve learnt. Again they will be willingly to do extra practice.
Side effect, students’ overall level will be increased.
3. Competition. Everybody wants to win in competition. In order to win, practice more Is the only way. Teachers will also try harder to teach them in more detail so they can be more outstanding.
Side effect, Teachers’ teaching skills also improved.

Adequate pressure is the key to success

Jack 2017-01-25